New wooden satellite is part advertising, part student project


Late final yr, we ended up very skeptical of reports with regards to a plan for wood satellites that appeared bewildered about what could be acquired from working with the pure content. But a wooden satellite looks like it may possibly get to orbit later this calendar year, by means of a task we can fully endorse. It is a little bit of silly promoting by a plywood company that will ensure that a student task will get despatched to space.

The task, centered in Finland, is known as the WISA WOODSAT, and it has taken a little bit of an indirect route to orbit. The style and design is dependent on cubesat format named Kitsat, which is intended for university student assignments. If the target is just to expose college students to what it usually takes to make a compact satellite (the design and style is a 10 cm/facet cube), the satellite can be built making use of low-cost, straightforward-to-obtain components. But it can also be made applying area-rated materials and despatched to orbit.

The WOODSAT commenced out as more of the former, with college students all around the country contributing distinctive components to a cubesat that was then taken aloft by a balloon. But now, with an chance to go to orbit, a further variation is obtaining an improve to survive the severe setting.

That trip to orbit is currently being presented by the supplier of the picket sides that give the satellite its name, with WISA currently being a provider of plywood. The company is sponsoring the launch and, in flip, the sides of the satellite will be included in its product. A boom with a camera will be extended once in orbit, allowing for photos of the wooden to be despatched back down from house. Ostensibly, this is to keep an eye on the impression of the setting on WISA’s item, but even its mission supervisor, Jari Mäkinen, admits “The Picket satellite with a selfie adhere will undoubtedly bring laughter and goodwill.”

Nonetheless, there’s far more to the satellite than its wood walls. The plan is to use a communication know-how that lets a straightforward, very low-power receiver to decide on up the WOODSAT’s sign, and it will broadcast on frequencies devoted to novice radio. The info it will give comes from some easy centures and two distinctive cameras. This will be component of the project’s academic mission.

Options are to put the satellite in a polar orbit working with a Rocketlab launch auto. The hope is to mail it to area right before the year’s around.

Are we going to study something interesting about wooden from this? Virtually undoubtedly not. Even now, you have to enjoy WISA for getting ready to set up the income to send a college student task to area.

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