Toyota is entering a hydrogen-powered Corolla in a 24-hour race

Enlarge / From Might 21 to 23, Toyota will enter the Super Taikyu Series with a hydrogen-powered Corolla race vehicle.


For some, the attract of hydrogen-run vehicles is really hard to resist. Proponents level very first to very long recharging situations for lithium-ion batteries and then to the velocity with which pressurized hydrogen can be pumped into a car or truck as explanations that battery-electric cars are doomed to failure between motorists conditioned by many years of quick refueling stops at gas stations. Generally, people hydrogen-powered autos use gasoline cells to generate electrical energy that powers an electrical motor. But inner combustion engines can melt away hydrogen, as well, emitting just water as exhaust.

In 2006, BMW experimented with the Hydrogen 7, a V12-driven 7 Sequence sedan that could run on either gasoline or hydrogen. It wasn’t a substantial accomplishment BMW made 100 Hydrogen 7s, and when examined by the US Section of Energy’s Argonne Nationwide Laboratory, they proved to be incredibly clear in phrases of tailpipe emissions. But hydrogen has a a great deal lower electricity density than gasoline, so the hydrogen-driven 7s were being very inefficient, averaging just 4.7 mpg (50 L/100 km).

As a final result, I considered the whole idea of hydrogen-run interior combustion engines in autos was lifeless and buried—until this early morning, when I spotted an announcement from Toyota. The Japanese automaker will enter the pro-am stamina racing Tremendous Taikyu Sequence with a hydrogen-driven Corolla race automobile, starting up with a 24-hour race at Fuji, May perhaps 21 to 23.

The three-cylinder engine burns hydrogen, not gasoline.
Enlarge / The a few-cylinder engine burns hydrogen, not gasoline.


Regrettably, the announcement is light-weight on particulars, but it does expose that the Corolla will use a 1.6 L, 3-cylinder turbocharged motor, and the hydrogen will be manufactured at the Fukushima Hydrogen Electricity Study Subject.

It is not the initially time that Toyota has taken an not likely powertrain to the race keep track of. Lengthy in advance of the enterprise received Le Mans with its hybrid TS050 prototypes, it took some race-modified Prius hybrids to the track and refined the notion in 2006 with a hybrid Lexus race motor vehicle right before winning a 24-hour race the adhering to 12 months with a hybrid Toyota Supra.

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