Technician for water co. linked to liver failure says his dog got liver illness

Genuine Water offered in jugs.

The direct h2o technician for Serious Water—a Las Vegas-based mostly organization that makes “alkalized” bottled h2o now connected to liver failure cases—testified that he had no appropriate experience to be a water technician when he was promoted to the placement very last August.

Serious Water’s lead technician, Casey Aiken, 40, is a previous vacuum and timeshare salesman who began operating for True H2o past June after getting rid of his occupation as a strip club promoter. According to a taped deposition from late March that was attained by the Las Vegas Overview-Journal, Aiken was promoted from his career of loading bottled h2o on to delivery pallets to the company’s direct technician soon after “a couple hours” of schooling.

In late November, just a couple months following Aiken’s promotion, 5 infants and youngsters who drank the water formulated acute non-viral hepatitis, which led to acute liver failure, wellness officials say. The kids ranged in age from 7 months to 5 decades. True Water’s branded h2o was the only typical hyperlink in between the conditions.

Wellbeing officials did not hook up the November cases to the drinking water until eventually March, nonetheless, when point out and federal investigations were being underway. On April 26, the Southern Nevada Wellness District announced it had discovered six added probable conditions and 1 suspected situation, all of which are in adults. The wellbeing district is now investigating 50 supplemental circumstances, and there are now at minimum 10 civil satisfies versus Serious Water, all alleging poisoning. Aiken’s video deposition was taken in link with these civil fits.

Sickened dog

But in accordance to Aiken’s testimony, the business must have been aware of the trouble with the h2o correct when it transpired in November. Aiken’s personal pet dog developed a liver illness that month just after drinking h2o Aiken brought home from do the job. The puppy recovered right after his wife recognized the drinking water as the feasible source of the illness and informed Aiken to cease supplying it to him.

“My wife’s a vet tech—a veterinarian technician—by trade, so [she’s] major on animals and she understands a lot about it, so she retains the identical diet—she’s incredibly intricate with her animals,” Aiken mentioned in his deposition.

Right after Aiken’s 2-calendar year-outdated min pin/Chihuahua combine rescue pet drank the drinking water, the puppy started off throwing up, and became lethargic. Aiken and his wife then took him to a veterinarian.

“It was an concern with his liver,” Aiken mentioned. “We bought him some products. A few-hundred-greenback vet monthly bill afterwards, my spouse, she’s the a person that advised me to cease offering him the drinking water simply because she didn’t know what it was and which is the only thing we modified, so we stopped offering the puppy the h2o.”

“Did he get superior?” legal professional Will Kemp requested Aiken in the deposition.

“Yes,” Aiken replied.

It’s unclear if Aiken alerted the firm to his dog’s illness and the possible problem with the h2o. On the other hand, Aiken reported whatever the likely issue was, it was not his fault.

Drinking water issues

When the state and federal investigators searched Real Water’s services in March, Blain Jones—the son of Serious Water’s proprietor, Brent Jones—approached Aiken. According to Aiken, Blain questioned him if he had altered the quantity of a focus that the company additional to their water. Aiken told lawyer Kemp, “I was accomplishing almost everything just the way they informed me to do.”

But Aiken’s testimony prompt that he experienced not been given satisfactory instruction for his function. Blain Jones was the a person who promoted Aiken to guide technician and delivered just a few hours’ worth of training. Aiken was tasked with testing the h2o for contaminants with a gadget known as an oxidation reduction prospective meter. “I did not know what it was at all right until he explained it to me and confirmed me,” Aiken explained.

Backing up Aiken’s suggestion that the enterprise should have been mindful of the probable troubles with the drinking water back again in November, a lawsuit submitted by Kemp in opposition to Real Drinking water alleges that late final year, the corporation tried to consider back some of the suspect h2o. In accordance to the Evaluation-Journal, the match states:

Authentic Water began to surreptitiously swap 5-gallon h2o that had already been shipped to home shipping and delivery consumers devoid of informing shoppers of the reason for the substitute… True Drinking water was only able to get better some of the household delivery drinking water and that hundreds of gallons of h2o that True Drinking water experienced genuine information was poisonous remained in homes in the course of Clark County.

Considering that the condition and federal investigations commenced in March, Actual H2o has recalled its alkaline drinking water products, which were being obtainable nationwide. The Food items and Drug Administration, on the other hand, has explained that some of the goods are continue to provided on line.

“It is vital that customers, restaurants, distributors, and suppliers not consume, cook dinner with, market, or serve “Real Water” alkaline h2o,” the Food and drug administration explained in its newest investigation update. “FDA also advises that this water not be served to pets.”

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