Unsolved mysteries of the Warhammer 40k universe with loremaster Dan Abnett

Shot by Adam Lance Garcia and edited by Justin Sloan. Click below for transcript.

It can be been a when because we final obtained to do an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries,” our series wherein we question creators to take us on a journey into the deeper and more mysterious features of their made universes (our most new episode was about the unsolved mysteries of Mortal Kombat). But we had an prospect drop into our laps that was just way too great to move up, though as opposed to our past couple of episodes, this a single isn’t really (completely) about video clip games.

This time, we are sitting down down with writer Dan Abnett to go over some unsolved mysteries of the dim far-upcoming Warhammer universe—and guy, did he deliver.

Inquiries for the dilemma god

We fielded our inquiries from a selection of sites, such as the /r/Warhammer40k and /r/40kLore subreddits, which resulted in what could generously be explained as a lot of content. We had been a very little anxious about asking Dan to go by pretty much a dozen pages of significantly-out 40k geekery, but Dan—whose blessed pen is evidently guided by the will of the Emperor himself—laughed at our big list and then additional or less tore through all of them.

No topic was also esoteric and no reference was far too obscure. As the creator of virtually dozens of 40k novels and comics, Dan is a strolling encyclopedia of technological and character knowledge about all matters grimdark—from which legions are most effective, to the thriller of the missing Primarchs, all the way to the real nature of the Golden Throne and the Emperor’s physical kind. We just stored inquiring things, and he just saved answering. The resulting movie is pretty much a half hour lengthy!

Along the way, Dan also had a ton of ideas about how storytelling is effective in a location as elaborate as 40k, and we hope to have Dan back all over again in the foreseeable future for a a lot more basic discussion and workshop on big-scale writing and character development—because he is just so damn good at the two. (If you need to have something 40k-connected to chew on in the meanwhile, you could constantly go watch some Astartes!)

On our upcoming episode…

But what if Warhammer just isn’t actually your pace? What if you might be wanting for some thing a small more down to Earth—a very little a lot more human? Our future episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” is in the can and being edited even as you read through these terms, and it is rather bold. You may say it truly is a quantum leap in excess of our prior episodes. We’ll have it ready to go in a couple of weeks.

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