The rumor is true: Rimac is taking over Bugatti with Porsche’s help

Enlarge / The Bugatti Chiron will be joined by new electrified products.


For virtually a calendar year, a rumor has been circulating that Volkswagen Group strategies to offload Bugatti to Croatian electric powered car specialists Rimac. That rumor turns out to be true: on Monday Porsche and Rimac uncovered that they are forming a new joint venture named Bugatti-Rimac at the stop of this 12 months. It will be headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, although Bugatti’s production will continue to be in which it is now, in Molsheim, France.

Initially established in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti, the organization grew to become known in the course of the interwar interval for cars and trucks that were being at the apex of design and style and pace, successful Grands Prix as properly as the approval of the ultra-abundant. Dependent in Molsheim in the Alsace region, it foundered following Bugatti’s demise in 1947 and disappeared in 1963, ahead of staying resurrected by industrialist Romano Artioli in 1987. In this incarnation, Bugatti established up a large-tech manufacturing facility in Campogalliano, Italy to develop the carbon fiber EB110 supercar, right before a faltering world economy place compensated to Artioli’s ambitions.

In 1998, Bugatti commenced its third incarnation when Volkswagen Team bought the title and returned the business to Molsheim. The driving force was Ferdinand Piech, VW Group’s CEO at the time and grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. Piech wanted a auto that experienced 1000 metric horsepower and a best pace of at the very least 260 mph (418km/h), and Bugatti shipped it with the Veyron 16.4 in 2005. Since then its hand-constructed a series of increasingly rapid, exceptionally pricey hypercars, but questions have significantly been asked about Bugatti’s relevance within VW Team at a time when the rest of the manufacturers are all heading electric.


Mate Rimac will turn out to be the new CEO of Bugatti-Rimac. Rimac Team will very own 55 p.c of the new organization and Porsche the remaining 45 percent, with Porsche also proudly owning 24 % of Rimac Group, getting initial invested in the EV expert in 2018. For now, Porsche and Rimac say that Bugatti-Rimac will continue on production of the Bugatti Chiron, a gasoline V16-run hypercar, and the Rimac Nevera, an electric hypercar also designed in extremely minimal figures.

Ars spoke with Porsche CEO Oliver Blume and Rimac CEO Mate Rimac about the deal. Particularly, we wished to know when we may well see the 1st battery electric Bugatti, as very well as the remaining Bugatti with an internal combustion motor.

“You know the least difficult point, what it’s possible some people today assume might take place, is to acquire the Nevara and slam Bugatti on it and simply call it a Bugatti, but that is absolutely not heading to materialize,” Rimac instructed me. “We will not just recycle what we have, we will not like just restyle the Chiron to make a new automobile, or just hybridize the Chiron. We are acquiring a comprehensive new products from the floor up—everything—because we feel that is the best way to go, and that solution will however have a combustion engine,” Rimac claimed.

“However, we are thinking lengthy-term and we’re heading to add this awesome brand, which has a ton of range in its heritage, can be utilized to make products that are not only hypercars, and they’re the chances to make really interesting, diverse cars that are really strongly electrified, and thoroughly electrical. So, I can explain to you that in just this decade, there will be entirely electrical Bugattis but I can also convey to you that at the stop of this ten years, there will be continue to combustion engine Bugattis,” Rimac told Ars.

“Thinking of the heritage of Bugatti, and the enthusiast foundation, and getting these two extremely unique brands Rimac and Bugatti in the exact organization, we can do, quite neat issues. So with Bugatti focusing far more on heritage, craftsmanship, specifics, excellent, and Rimac focusing extra on technology—you know geeks, details, things like that. But to reply your question there will be absolutely electrical Bugattis but we consider that by smart blend of electrification and combustion engine, there is nonetheless time for the combustion engine Bugatti,” Rimac explained.

You can watch a live-streamed function introducing Bugatti-Rimac to the public at 2 pm jap time on Monday.

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