Valve promises Steam Deck will run “the entire Steam library” at 30+ fps

Valve expects that its just lately announced Steam Deck portable gaming console will be equipped to run “truly the entire Steam library” on its 1280×800 Liquid crystal display screen at frame costs of 30 fps or bigger.

Which is according to a recent IGN movie interview in which Valve Hardware Engineer Yazan Aldehayyat stated that “all the game titles that we preferred to be playable had actually excellent [performance], a truly good encounter” in Steam Deck tests. Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais expanded on that statement by indicating that “all the online games that we required to be playable” means “truly the whole Steam library.”

“We haven’t genuinely observed one thing we could toss at this system that it couldn’t tackle nevertheless,” he added.

Griffais reported preliminary prototype testing for the Steam Deck concentrated on older games in the Steam catalog and that there ended up “video games that have been coming out last 12 months that just could not actually operate very very well on the preceding styles of prototypes and architectures we ended up tests.” On the finalized variation of the hardware, however, he explained the corporation has “attained the amount of functionality that is needed to run the most current technology of games devoid of a issue.”

“The complete Steam catalog is out there to people today who have this unit,” Aldehayyat extra. “That is where we knew we experienced a item that was likely to provide the working experience we had been seeking for.”

Aldehayyat attributed Steam Deck’s large compatibility in component to “upcoming-proofing” internals that include a tailor made APU incorporating AMD’s newest technology of GPU and CPU technology, as nicely as 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM. Griffais additional that the effectiveness scalability of modern Laptop video games allows Steam Deck obtain a playable frame level at its indigenous 800p resolution (which is comparatively low compared to desktop gaming PCs).

“If people are nevertheless valuing large body costs and high resolutions on different platforms, I consider that information will scale down to our 800p, 30 Hz focus on pretty effectively,” he stated. “If people today get started closely favoring picture high-quality, we could be in a placement where by we may have tradeoffs, but we’re not in a placement exactly where we definitely see that yet.”

In a observe-up tweet late final 7 days, Griffais clarified that the 30 fps goal is the “floor” for what Valve considers playable: “video games we have tested and demonstrated have constantly achieved and exceeded that bar so much. There will also be an optional developed-in FPS limiter to great-tune perf[ormance] vs. battery lifetime.”

Steam Deck will appear preinstalled with Valve’s Linux-based mostly SteamOS, which can operate indigenous Linux video games and thousands of Home windows-primarily based video games by a Proton-powered compatibility layer. Steam Deck proprietors will also be capable to put in their personal OS on the machine, including Windows.

Elsewhere in the job interview, Aldehayyat reported that Valve put in a whole lot of time optimizing Steam Deck’s SD card connection so that online games stored there ought to be “similar” to all those stored on the inner SSD storage. He extra that the NVMe storage was linked in a different module and not directly on the motherboard, which could advise it will be doable to exchange as time goes on.

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